Our Coffee's


Medium roast

80% arabica, 20% robusta

Origins: Brazil, Cameroon, Honduras, Vietnam

Tasting notes: A complex  blend delivering a strong, full bodied coffee. Aromatic and satisfying, with layers of flavour including notes of caramel and dark chocolate .


Dark roast

80% robusta, 20% arabica

Origins: Vietnam, Brazil

Tasting notes: A powerful, darker roasted caffeine rich blend, in the Italian style, full bodied and with a fine crema in the cup. Some spicy and dark chocolate notes. Low acidity.



Medium roast

60% arabica, 40% robusta

Origins: Honduras, Brazil, Africa, Vietnam

Tasting notes: A very versatile, mainly arabica blend which produces a powerful, full bodied filter or espresso coffee. Rich and satisfying, with notes of toffee and milk chocolate.


African Arabica

Medium roast

100% arabica

Origin: Cameroon, Africa.

Tasting notes: A mellow and smooth, easy drinking pure arabica coffee, low in acidity, with some bakery flavours.


Brazil Arabica

Medium/dark roast

100% arabica

Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Tasting notes: Sweet forward flavours of berry fruits and roasted almonds develop into a long, smooth aftertaste of caramel with hints of cocoa. A really delicious coffee, medium-bodied, with mild acidity.


Decaff Coffee

Medium roast

Origin: Brazil.

Tasting notes :A fine pure arabica decaffeinated coffee with good balance and moderate acidity, roasted fully to bring out its chocolatey, malty and caramel flavour.